Nanofabrication engineering - Taniguchi's Laboratory

Taniguchi laboratory studies "Nanotechnology for manufacturing". In particular, "Nanoimprint and Nanoprint Technology" are cutting edge technologies in this field. These technologies need fabrication process of nano-order mold, and 3D nano-mold is fabricated by the changing the acceleration voltage electron beam lithography, which has 5 nm depth resolution and sub-45 nm width resolution. And positive-tone inorganic electron beam resist has been developed for nanoimprint/nanoprint mold. Furthermore, anti-reflection structures (Moth eyes structures) are fabricated by special ion beam irradiation method. Using these technologies, we have succeeded the development of production system of sub-micron optical plates, sub-100 nm 3D structure and anti-reflection structures.


Nanofabrication, Nanotechnology, Electron beam lithography, Nanoimprint lithography, Nanoprint, Ion beam texturing, Anti-reflection structure, sub-wavelength plate, Holographic optical element, lithography for sub-100nm LSI or opt device

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